Independent Broker

Independent Broker

  • Spot Supply

    Spot Supply

    1.Create a pioneer in spot supply of electronic components

    2. Professional chip suppliers to solve the shortage of electronic components experts

    3. All kinds of IC, memory chips and passive components in short supply will be delivered within three days

    4. The preferred spot supply partner for world-renowned EMS Electronic product manufacturers

    5. The preferred spot supply partner for world-renowned EMS Electronic product manufacturers

  •  BOM Matching

    BOM Matching

    1. Strong brand supporting ability: it operates more than 2000 kinds of global electronic component brands.

    2. Make centralized and long-term stable supporting supply of components in the BOM of customers, ensure delivery according to the production plan of customers, simplify logistics arrangement and reduce costs.

    3. The customer gives the BOM and cost target to Polaris -- > Polaris is responsible for controlling the BOM cost -- > the customer searches the ordering status of components through the system -- > Polaris arranges JIT delivery to the customer according to the customer's production.

    4. Help customers achieve more effective supply chain management. And reduce procurement time and cost to maintain market competitiveness.

  • Dead Stock

    Dead Stock

    Strong supply strength ensures to provide you with all kinds of components with high quality and low price, so as to reduce your cost.

    At the same time, your low turnover materials can also be cleared, consigned or sold on a commission basis through Polaris electronics, so as to improve your inventory turnover rate and recover funds

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